What Our Subscribers Say

PET has enabled me to play my part in ending period inequality without compromising quality in any other area.

Haylee, Y12

I love that by subscribing I am helping someone else to have pads too, because I can't imagine a life without period products. I have a clearer conscience now.

Jocelyn, Y10

Each PET package is made with such care and attention to detail. I no longer dread having my period!

Cerys, Y13

I can personalise the products so that I  feel covered for any situation. PET saves me a lot of worry and brightens my month!

Jennifer, Y11

It was super useful to get all the necessities for a period at once so there was no worry about running out and at the same time feel that you're making a difference by helping another girl with her period.

Sian, Y12

It's great fun to unbox as they're slightly different each month - would definitely recommend to everyone!

Alia, Y12


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